Kuih Lapis – The Layers of Female Leadership in Malaysia

The other day, at a Raya open house, I savoured a beautiful kuih lapis. Unlike the traditional pink and white, this kuih lapis was a stunning rainbow of colours. Initially, I was taken aback, preferring the familiar hues of my childhood. However, despite its vibrant appearance, the taste remained the same—a comforting reminder of the kuih I have cherished since I was young. As I enjoyed this colourful twist on a classic favourite, it struck […]

The Importance of Expressing Vulnerability In Leadership

For a modern leader to be seen as competent in the workplace, it’s now important for us to view them as those who inspire psychological safety. We can take a cue or two on how and why leaders should express vulnerability from Arsenal gaffer, Mikel Arteta. The Premier League’s youngest manager in its history, Mikel Arteta, has recently been getting all the right headlines for the upswing in fortunes for ex-PL heavyweights, Arsenal FC. In […]