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Develop talent worth fighting over. We transform leadership style to keep you relevant, design bespoke retreats for senior leaders, and create memorable growth experiences for you through our workshops.

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For Organisations

Along with the traditional topics centred around bottom lines and business strategies, board rooms have been buzzing with a new kind of conversation; discussions regarding employee connection, social capital, and purposeful work. 

We partner with you to ensure that your organisation has people strategies rooted in psychological science to meet the complexities, challenges, and changes that today’s leaders are facing.

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For Executives

As a leader in the C-Suite or as a senior manager, you are accountable for high-level, complex decisions. These roles are synonymous with high pressure and stress. The organisational challenges you deal with are often multi-layered, messy, and mysterious.

I have over 15 years of experience helping senior leaders design their people strategies that are aligned with your business drivers and vision. I offer 1:1 executive coaching sessions that provide you with the mirror that you often do not have access to due to your seniority. I ensure our coaching sessions are based on trust, respect, and mutual freedom of expression.

For Millennials

As huge majority of the current work force, millennials are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and lost in their careers. In a digital age where we are fed with so many options and so much information, it is hard to keep track of individual goals, passions, and meaning in the workplace. Popular biases against the young workforce make the situation even worse.

Our workshops are designed to bring awareness to these pressing concerns and support millennials by empowering them with strategies to navigate these complexities. Our workshops are immersive and interactive experiences where all senses are utilised to create change that lasts. 

For a more intense and personalised experience, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

The pressure on a 21st century CEO is higher than ever. Business leaders have to deal with rapidly changing markets, advanced technologies, new demands from the workforce, increased financial and legal scrutiny.

Executives and leaders who feel that they have to  handle it all alone are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or get left behind, resulting in significant loss of opportunities, human and financial resources. 

Coaching helps align goals professionally and supports leaders to maintain relevant, effective and fulfilled in their careers.

A development centre uses techniques like simulation exercises, role plays and psychometric tests and questionnaires to analyse the development requirements for individuals in the workforce.

Development centres are used to assess an individual's potential, strengths and development areas, to then design a bespoke development plan for each individual.

An assessment centre is a series of assessments carried out using techniques of simulation, role plays and psychometric tests and questionnaires in order to make data supported decisions.

Assessment centres support decisions in talent recruitment, promotions and appraisals.

We use a coaching platform that incorporates appointments via google meet and zoom. 

The online platform also helps to provide agreements, worksheets, action items and the report of progress documented through your journey with us.

Coaching helps increase self-awareness and strengthen communication skills. It helps you build the courage to mitigate situations, have difficult conversations and set boundaries. 

I will support you in communicating with impact, as well as explore techniques to influence your environment. This will help you thrive in the workplace environment through a deeper understanding of your team’s behaviour, organisational characteristics as well as learning how to break the patterns of the legacy systems.

My coaching approach is eclectic and I tailor my solutions to my clients' needs and preferences. I draw heavily from positive psychology, brain based coaching methodologies and cognitive behavioural modalities.

I adopt a solution focused, emphatic and authentic style with my clients. I put my finger on the issue in a gentle, respectful and challenging manner – pushing my clients towards a THRIVE and FLOURISH mindset and addressing their cognitive mind maps on the way.

I hold space in a trusting environment: for workplace frustrations, for the elephant in the room, for failures – allowing my clients to focus fully on their flourishing state.

We conduct two types of workshops.

Bespoke workshops: these workshops are designed to match a specific client's needs. They typically mark the end of a multi-months assessment and analysis engagement. Our findings and suggested solutions are presented in a workshop format to assist the organisation to overcome their perceived challenges, and practice under supervision.

Public workshops: these workshops are organized and open to anyone interested to attend. They are designed to bring awareness to individuals in the corporate world by supporting them through ideologies, habit creation, awareness to pressing issues and implementation of new practices to enhance their professional lives.

Our bespoke retreats run between 3 and 7 days. Through a series of meetings, we create an activity-oriented learning experience off-site that matches the objectives of your organisation. These experiences are infused with psychological practices such as: breath work, self-awareness exercises, and thematic role play.