Workshops and Retreats

Our workshops are bespoke experiences that make learning and development memorable. With our thematic approach and human-centric design, we ignite inspiration to flourish in the workplace. Choose to become the best version of yourself!

We Create Memorable Experiences

Whilst building awareness and offering support around topics that interrupt healthy work habits

What Our Workshops Look Like:

Doing It As a Company

Our workplace webinars and workshops are designed specifically for your organisation, whether it is a small team or a whole department. Employees will get a higher self awareness of their mental health and well-being, as well as practical recommendations and actions to incorporate into their everyday life.

The topics we actively cover are:

Doing It For Yourself

Individuals can register for any of our pre-planned workshops, which are ideal as a one-time activity to fulfill a specific need. These live, interactive webinars and workshops cover a variety of mental health and personal growth subjects that are intended to empower and engage any professional to flourish in their career.

Topics we actively cover are:

Our Retreats

Our bespoke corporate retreats are customised, off-site events designed to help organisations achieve specific goals and objectives. Our retreats are tailored to the organisation’s needs. They usually include business related topics such as Communication, Creativity and incorporating New Ways of Working, individual topics such as Building Leadership Presence, Listening Actively and Acutely as well as Releasing Control – or rejuvenating activities such as dancing, theatre performances, cooking classes, excursions etc.

Our Eudaimonic retreats typically include psychological work as well as activities that involve physiological experiences to facilitate memorable learning. We tie habit–building and healthy rituals in with breath work to leverage holistically on the left and right brain hemispheres.

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Benefits of Our Workshops & Retreats Include:

Enhancing Team Cohesion and Communication

Improving Company Culture

Facilitating Open Communication and Feedback

Encouraging Innovation and Creativity

Gaining Self-Awareness and Broadening Perspectives

Gifting Employees a Chance to Recharge whilst Reconnecting with Each Other