Impact Needs Continuation Leaders Need Consistency

Think the difference between steering a boat vs. setting the sails and riding the winds? That’s the difference between managing and leading.

Want to captain your team to success in this wild market? We forge leaders who inspire, strategise, and unlock growth. 

We Are Passionate About Creating Workplaces Where People Thrive

The average salaried employee spends 45 hours per week working.  That translates to roughly 81,900 hours for those who retire at age 60.  We make sure you spend these hours thriving instead of surviving. 


The Challenging Landscape 2024

Our workshop series are designed to equip you with the skills, insights, and strategies necessary to navigate the challenges of today’s world and excel both personally and professionally.

Building castles on shifting sand

You dream big, sketch blueprints for the future, yet the ground keeps trembling. Every decision feels like a gamble, every victory a temporary reprieve. Leading means embracing constant change, juggling the urgent with the unseen, and building not just with bricks, but with resilience, but how?

Smiling while juggling chains

They expect calm eyes, a steady hand, while anxieties claw at your gut. Balancing expectations with reality, inspiring optimism while grappling with doubt – that's the tightrope walk leaders face. How do you help yourself?

Lone wolf leading the pack

You shoulder the hopes, fears, and destinies of many. Every stumble whispers "failure," every triumph echoes "responsibility." Leadership can feel like a lonely island, yet remember, your pack thrives on your strength, your vulnerability, your unwavering presence. Have you cultivated it?

Workshop Series 1: Cultivating a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and Belonging Environment (DEIB)

Unlock the power of DEIB in four transformative workshops.

  1. Diversity: Embrace the strength in differences to feel seen, heard and respected
  2. Equity: Level the playing field and empower all

  3. Inclusion: Design and implement an inclusive culture by breaking biases
  4. Belonging: Forge authenticity Through themes of trust, vulnerability and fear

Workshop Series 2: Combat Burnout, Hack Fear and Anxiousness

Build Resilience, Thrive, and Find Balance in Four Empowering Workshops

  1. Hacking Fear: Embrace courage and step into growth
  2. Forming Work-Life Balance: Design a life that flourishes through your body and mind
  3. Combating Burnout: Nurture your well-being through authenticity
  4. Changing Your Inner Narative: Inside out, outside in dive through your thought patterns

My Journey so Far

how it all started

My curiosity about human behaviour began when I was a child. Even at a young age, I recall being puzzled at a young age observing by how my parents reacted completely differently to my behaviour. Something that would cause my mum to go ballistic, my wouldn’t even elicit a reaction from my dad wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at.
I learnt that while we may observe the sane behaviour, we respond differenttyour responses can differ. This really fascinated me, leading to me to pursue my tertiary education in and so I studied pPsychology. I had a particular interest in how cultures shape behaviours.

the cultural influence

As a 4th generation Malaysian of the Indian ethnic minority, I also found was also intrigued by the way that the intricacies of culturoleinfluences shape behaviornormously intriguing.
I am fortunate to grow up in a multi-cultural country, and this has certainly shaped me as a person and informed the work that I do.

Scars And Pushing Factors

This is also the reason why 1 am extremely passionate about the concept of raising awareness of Cognitive Biases. This is also the reason why I am extremely passionate about the concept of raising awareness of Cognitive Biases.
I do recall battling some of the biases my share of those that were associated with my own ethnicity color, hair color, and – literally – the shape of my nose

my first exposure to organizational psychology

I have spent my entire career in the consulting world. Starting out, I was lucky enough to be joining the company that had created what is widely regarded as the Gold Standard in assessments. In my role there, I am fortunate that one of my earliest experiences were with a company know for having the Gold Standards in assessments. I learned the fundamentals of designing and assessing behaviors at the workplace, as well as alongside managing clients and projects in my role here.

2021 & beyond

Is where my clients can start to experience my group Masterminds – based around my most successful client blueprints. My dream is now to be able to impact and serve more of the clients that I love.

Workshop Series 3: Navigating the Workplace - Graduate Series

Gain insider knowledge and practical tools to navigate common challenges faced by new graduates. 

  1. The First 100 Days: Hit the ground running with confidence. Learn essential workplace skills, navigate company culture, and make a positive impact from day one.
  2. 3 Months In: Solidify your foundation. Explore effective communication strategies, manage workload effectively, and build productive relationships with colleagues.

  3. 6 Months Strong: Recognise different leadership styles and their impact on your motivation and engagement. Discover your own leadership potential and how to apply it in various situations.
  4. A Year Later: Reflect and refine. Evaluate your progress, assess your strengths and areas for improvement, and chart your course for continued success.